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Creative Real Estate Sharing Strategies

Residential property in California costs more than in most areas of the country, making it difficult for younger generations to become homeowners. Older generations, on the other hand, may find that property values have increased to the point where a significant portion of their net worth is tied up in real estate.

These are just two situations in which an estate planning attorney can suggest creative real estate or equity sharing strategies to be used by individuals and their adult children.

As a lawyer with a Master of Laws degree in taxation and an estate planning attorney with more than 30 years of experience, I have been able to help generations of clients successfully deal with real estate and transfer of equity goals.

To maximize tax advantages and share real estate, contact San Jose family equity sharing attorney Robert A. Froehlich or call (408) 364-1234 for a free initial consultation.

California Income Tax Planning Lawyer

All parties can benefit if parents choose to help their adult child buy a home.

  • Estate taxes can be avoided by sharing equity prior to retirement or death
  • Income tax rules allow for both parties to benefit from tax deductions and savings
  • Equity can be protected in the event of a younger generation loan default, bankruptcy or divorce
  • Adult children can become homeowners
  • Elderly generations can pass along assets and witness the happy results
  • Inheritance can stay in the family

Make The Most Of Your Equity

My priority is helping you retain the full value of your work as you provide for your family. When you plan for your estate, take the proactive steps you need to preserve your hard work and wealth. With 30 years of experience, I can support you throughout your estate planning process. Call me today and request a free consultation. Call (408) 364-1234.

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