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Avoid Probate With Living Trusts

There are a number of legal documents that can outline what you wish to have happen at the time of your death. The two most common types of documents are wills and trusts. The legal instruments you choose will depend upon your needs, your financial situation and your goals.

As your estate planning attorney, I will work with you to set up the best plan for the types of legal documents that will accomplish your goals. The preparation of documents is something that should be done with an eye toward detail. The best way to prevent a contested trust or will is to have one that is well written.

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Santa Clara County, California, Living Trust Lawyer

As we age, we think about what happens to our possessions and our property when we die. How can we give it away so that the recipient doesn’t lose it all to taxes? How can we expedite the process? Is there a way to plan for an adult child who is frivolous?

As an estate planning lawyer, I frequently prepare living trusts for clients who come in asking for a will. A living trust is a way to avoid taxes and avoid probate court.

Types of Wills and Trusts to Consider

There are many estate planning tools available to you that will help to ease the transfer of assets or transfer real property to an heir or to a trust.

  • Generation-skipping trust — Allows you to leave property to grandchildren if your children are vulnerable to creditors, ex-spouses or excessive taxes
  • Bypass trust — Passes the estate to a tax-protected trust to protect your heirs
  • Educational trust — Provides for your children, grandchildren or even spouse who have educational needs
  • Real estate trust — Provides a way to ensure a family vacation home stays in the family
  • Special needs trust — A trust which provides for special needs children or vulnerable adults
  • Living trust — A device that takes the place of a will and avoids probate
  • Living will — A document that provides end of life instruction or direction
  • Pourover will — A means to capture assets gained over time and put them into a living trust
  • Charitable trust — A trust and family foundation that gives you tax benefits when you donate assets to a charitable entity that you control

Create An Estate Plan That Reflects Your Values

After 30 years of focused legal experience working with estates, I have the knowledge you need to create an estate plan that works for you and your loved ones. I bring a calm, thorough approach to the law and am equipped to prepare any trust or will you may need. To talk through your options, reach me at (408) 364-1234.

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