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Caring for Those We Care About

When you are a parent responsible for a special needs child, one of your great fears is often his or her welfare when you are no longer able to care for them. You can provide for special needs children, adults with disabilities and other vulnerable individuals with a special needs trust. Even if you are alive but no longer able to care for those you care about, careful estate planning can take care of many of the details.

I am an estate planning attorney with more than 30 years of experience helping families make these important decisions. As an estate planning attorney and tax lawyer, I will work with you to make certain that your loved one is provided for according to your wishes.

I can develop an estate plan which will:

  • Provide for special medical care
  • Ensure quality of life
  • Enable the recipient to qualify for medical assistance

If you have estate planning needs to provide for someone with a disability or other special needs, contact San Jose special needs trusts attorney Robert A. Froehlich at (408) 364-1234 for a free initial consultation.

California Long Term Care Lawyer

One of the unfortunate realities of special needs individuals is that they can spend time at the end of their life in a nursing home. There are a few ways this typically is funded:

  • Private savings — Savings can be depleted very quickly if long term nursing care is needed.
  • Government programs — Depending upon the individual’s status, there are government programs that provide assistance. This would include those disabled individuals receiving Social Security Income (SSI) payments.

I can set up a plan which may involve some form of a special needs trust, and can provide trust administration on your behalf after your death should it be required.

Provide For Your Loved Ones In Need

At Robert A. Froehlich, Attorney at Law, I understand that you care deeply for the vulnerable members of your family. I do, too. So, please talk to me about the ways you can protect your special needs family members at a free initial consultation. Call me at (408) 364-1234.

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